Help Desk Management

Refresh Your Help Desk Process

When everyone depends on you to fix things (often at the drop of a hat), it can be difficult coming up with a consistent workflow and sticking to it – not to mention having records for your help desk that show exactly what was done, when and by whom.

How can you optimize your help desk?

Establish a help desk system that works for everyone with our data-centric technology solutions. Dude Solutions’ help desk optimization software, Help Desk, gives you the power and tools to streamline your workflow. You’ll know what work orders are open, what is completed and be able to use this data to justify resources to your administration. With our help desk solution, you’ll have detailed information about each of your technology assets, all on your mobile phone so it’s accessible when you need it.

Provide an easy way for the rest of your organization to get involved with a simple online help desk request portal to keep everything organized. Our IT help desk software can help maximize your time and effectiveness, so you can get back to doing what you do best: helping people.

  • Automatically route and assign incidents to appropriate staff
  • Tracks staff labor costs and work completion to justify budgeting and planning decisions
  • Users receive email updates on the status of their requests

We now support approximately 4,000 computers. I’m down a full-time technician, yet we’re handling the workload seamlessly.

Dana LighthallDesktop Support Manager for Kirkwood Community College

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