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Help Desk Optimization

As part of our technology management suite, our help desk optimization software is easy to implement, use, track and record – allowing your IT team to better streamline their ticketing processes.

What’s your help desk system?

We can help your help desk go from disorganized and overwhelmed to optimized and confident. Use our mobile solutions to organize incoming help requests then track them all the way to completion with simple ways to communicate with requestors and more.

Implementing a user-friendly help desk system is just the beginning of the help you can truly offer.

  • Track requests and tickets at all stages
  • Communicate more effectively with requestors
  • Ties in with specific asset information

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IT Asset Management

We’ve simplified IT asset management to give your IT department the detailed information they need, right when they need it.

How do you manage all of your IT assets?

Dude Solutions offers an easy way to organize all of your IT assets, as well as see them in one central dashboard with our asset management software. Our tools give you the power to see what needs to be updated from software to operating systems on any number of devices with the click of a button.

Make keeping up with everything much easier on your IT team.

  • View all of your assets in an organized dashboard
  • Use reporting capabilities to share analytics on asset use, etc.
  • Automate collecting information about IT assets on your network

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices have the changed the way we do things and shifted the role of your IT department. Our intuitive mobile device management software can help you gain and keep control of the mobile devices in use at your facility.

How do you manage mobile devices at your organization?

From administering BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies to implementing security updates, Dude Solutions’ mobile device management software can equate to big time (and hassle) savings for your technology department.

Mobile management and control is closer than you think.

  • See all of the devices in use on your network
  • Organize devices, profiles and apps into specific groups
  • Track and control a range of devices, including laptops, mobile devices and more

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