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Intelligent Operations for Energy

Utility costs continue to rise, even if your budget numbers don’t. But with Dude Solutions in your corner, you can be armed with the data and analysis you need to make a significant impact on your energy expenses. Our energy management solutions are integrated with ENERGY STAR® to provide the detailed benchmarking, tracking and reporting capabilities needed to get and stay on top of your utility bills, energy consumption and emissions. Because when it comes to energy management, knowledge is power.

Key Benefits

  • Track energy usage and costs across dozens of utilities

  • Analyze trends on consumption and spending

  • Monitor and compare progress on ENERGY STAR® ratings

  • Compare your performance against other companies

  • Improve reporting to easily recognize and demonstrate trends

  • Automate bill paying system for faster, easier accounting


    Energy Solutions for Manufacturing


    Manufacturing plants consume a tremendous amount of power – in their production lines and utilities. Managing it more effectively can be a huge differentiator for lean manufacturing operations.

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    Energy Solutions for Government


    Municipalities are taking a hard look at managing facility expenses. Track utility costs and consumption with online energy management solutions to improve building efficiency and lower energy bills.

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    Energy Solutions for Education


    Looking for a way to track energy costs, increase your ENERGY STAR® rating, improve building performance and provide data to help your school develop a sustainable conservation program? Look no further.

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    Energy Solutions for Clubs & Associations


    Clubs and associations need a lot of energy to keep their members happy. Dude Solutions can help you keep yours running at peak efficiency.

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