Event Management for Education

Optimize school events, from scheduling to invoicing

Whether it's an internal student event (assemblies and basketball games) or a rental to an outside group (meetings and performances), school facilities can be in use on any given day. Ensuring those events aren’t double booked, are adequately staffed and are in good working order throughout the activity, is key to everyone’s enjoyment.

Events can also be an important and lucrative use of your space, yet they are notoriously costly and time consuming to manage. Staying on top of the long list of details – and the many people involved with taking care of them – can seem like a full time job. No more. Dude Solutions helps you simplify and automate the many facets of your facility usage schedule – from the initial request to invoicing after the event, and everything in between, so you can:

  • Coordinate your entire event & facility scheduling processes
  • Avoid miscommunications or double bookings
  • Know exactly who’s using your building and when
  • Optimize schedules based on previous usage data
  • Coordinate utilities to align with your event schedules
  • Optimize staffing and lower utility usage and costs
  • Mitigate risk and liability

Visit our SchoolDude site to learn more about our event management solutions for education, or dig into your specific focus area below.

Education Event Management Solutions


    Field Trip Planning

    Streamline the educational trip workflow process, including requests, budget, mileage and driver wages.

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    Building Automation

    Automatically integrate your event schedule with your building management system to schedule HVAC, lighting, and other systems needed during events.

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    Event Scheduling

    Streamline and manage the process of renting your facilities for events. Manage usage requests and requirements, track event schedules and insurance, account for usage expenses, and track costs for after-hours use of facilities.

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