Energy Management for Education

Cloud-based tracking for energy, utilities & electricity

Looking for a way to track energy costs, increase your ENERGY STAR® rating, improve building performance and provide data to help your school develop a sustainable conservation program?  Look no further.  Through our renowned SchoolDude suite, Dude Solutions delivers energy management software that can allow you to ‘plug in’ to great savings over time.

With SchoolDude's energy management solutions, it’s easy to monitor and record changes in consumption patterns, track conservation efforts, and reduce costs.  Best of all, they include detailed analysis and reporting tools that provide much-needed visibility into key energy metrics for school leaders, their staff and the ecosystem they serve.  Our cloud-based energy management solutions are designed to help you:

  • Track utility costs and consumption across all commodities and services
  • Improve the efficiency of your buildings and lower energy bills
  • Identify billing errors or utility leaks earlier
  • Monitor greenhouse gas emissions and other important environmental metrics

Visit our SchoolDude site to learn more about our energy management solutions for education, or dig into your specific focus area below.

Education Energy Solutions


    Utility Tracking

    Seamlessly track, analyze, and report on utility consumption and cost, to improve accountability and lower energy bills.

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